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Upskilling & Reskilling | Professional Development | CEU & Certificates

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Close Workforce Skills Gaps

Workforce Development

Scale Up Bootcamps & Professional Development

Deliver instructor-led classes and certificates.

Corporate Process

Upskill Across the Workforce

Develop skills in-house & capture knowledge IP & workflows.


Scale Up a Certificates Business

Turbine's Virtual Proctor handles attendance, CEU/PDH tracking and branded Certificate automation. Stop doing Certificates the old way.

Scale a Webinar for free

Use Turbine for webinar registrations and get the Enhanced Attendance for free. Decide to scale into a course or training from there.

Enhanced Attendance

Enhanced Attendance seriously reduces workload and make scalable growth possible. Attendance can be fully automated or driven by user check-ins at customizable time intervals to meet proctored course requirements. The Attendance module is central to scaling up cohorts and a revenue-generating certificate program.


Live Stream Link Manager

Easily manage your webinar link for any platform with a clear alert and button. No more emailing meeting links and send all users to the class dashboard.

Works with all online meeting tools like Zoom, Google Meet,, Webex, GoToMeeting & more.

In-platform Marketing & Sales Funnel

Soft promote relevant courses & products based on user enrollment history or profile.

User Generated Certificate and CEU Statements

The administrative burden to generate and retrieve a user's statement of Continuing Education Units or certificate is fully automated, on-demand and off-loaded to the user. Admins and users both welcome this automation that saves time, eliminates clerical errors and produces a timestamped attendance audit.

Media Mentions

Pricing is Predictable & Scalable

driven by your relationship with your users

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Industry Memberships

turbine is built on the bedrock of knowledge sharing and public service.

Upskilling for Everyone

We believe that everyone must be able to access the upskill content managed by turbine.
We follow federal guidance on accessibility, universal design and revised 508 Standards.